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Easybib: When you are using information from other sources for your project or research work, it is essential to give credits to these original authors or resources. For this purpose, creating citations comes into play. In short, citations are required to prevent your content from plagiarism. There are 1000+ citations styles available in the market which includes APA citation, MLA citation, Chicago style citation, etc. You have to choose these formats for generating citations according to your requirements.

MLA format

Modern Language Association launched MLA format for easier and efficient creation of citations mostly for education and research work. Nowadays there is mostly use the 8th version of MLA format.MLA is evolving constantly to meet the customer requirement and guiding researchers on how to use others' work carefully and responsibly

MLA citation format

The latest update of MLA format uses one standard style for all types of information sources. Following are the guidelines for MLA citation format:

• You are allowed to use URLs into citations but don't include HTTP:// or https:// while adding URLs  
• Numbers and volume are assigned as no. and vol. respectively.
• Author names do not need to be mentioning instead you have to mention their username or social media profile names.

There are two types of MLA format citations

1) In-Text Citations or Parenthetical Citations:
While using a sentence or phrase directly from a source into your research or project work, you have to mention in-text citations in the body of your content.
These citations are added as below:
"Phrase or sentence" (Writer's username, page number, respectively)

2) Full Citations

Names of all the sources are generally mentioned in the Works Cited List which is the last part of your work.

Following is the MLA citation format:

* The Author's name, First name, Title of the source, Title of container, version, publishers, date, location.

B) MLA format heading

According to MLA, the heading should be the concatenation of your last name and page number.
In the top left corner of the paper you have to add following things:

• Your full name 
• Your teacher's name
• Topic of research
• Date of publishing

C) MLA format example

 Citations for E-books:

Format- Author's last name, first name, Book Title, Publisher, Date, Website title, URL


Hitler, John. CRM integration Willey publications 2017, informationhub.com, isd=Tgs5m44fc=info?

D) MLA format generator

Don’t worry about MLA citation generator because of websites like easybib, citation machine, bibme, Cite this for Me are very handy in generating citations. You have to just enter a title, address and other information in MLA format generator to cite your information and sources.

E) MLA format paper

Following are some of the deciding factors in developing your format paper:

• Margins- Leave the margins of 1 inch from all the four sides of the paper.
• Text format- Use standard text fonts like Times New Roman and of standard size usually 12 pixels.
• Headings and titles- Start writing 1 inch from the top of the initial page and write your name, instructor's name on the left-hand side of the paper as mentioned above. Never write your title in Italian font and never underline it.   

Citation Machine APA

American Psychological Association (APA) is the most widely used format in topics like social sciences, humanities, electronic services, etc. In this article, there is information about the upgraded 6th version of APA.APA citations help to make you more responsible as a writer and build trust among readers about your original and quality content.

APA Citation:

There are two types of citations in APA:

1) Reference APA citation 

These are citations which are included in the last part of your project and contain the names of reference sources.

2) In-text or parenthetical citations:

These are mostly used on 3 occasions -where you are referring to information from another source, copying quote, and paraphrasing information.

APA Citation Format

In this style, 
1) You can include HTTP:// or http://s in URL.
2) Publishing date must be in brackets like (   ). For instance, (2017, November 5)
3) You have to use the first word of your last name and initial name.  

Following is the general format of APA citation:

Author's last name, Initials of the first and last name, respectively. (Date of publishing).

 Title, URL

Example of above APA citation for historical books:

Butler, A.M. (2017, November 3) History of the world. http://www.history.org/34rvgv   

APA Citation Generator

The APA citation generator will help you in giving the finishing touch to your research paper, journals, etc. Websites such as bibme, cite this for me, easybib, citation machine will help you to accomplish this work.

These websites have APA citation generators to fulfill the need for users. So these are the two popular citation styles that you must use for publishing journals, projects, and research papers.

Chicago citation

Chicago citation was designed to help researchers to perfectly cite their resources. We are currently using the 16th version of it. Incidental references ought to be set toward the finish of the sentence, before the period, when an asset has been utilized. In the event that the sentence is either sufficiently long or sufficiently complex so that the referred to a segment of the sentence isn't self-evident, the incidental reference may rather be embedded quickly after the utilization of data from the source.

There are two subtypes of referencing in Chicago

1) Author-Date 
2) Bibliography and notes:

 The bibliography contains the list of all your reference sources. In Chicago format, there is need of adding endnotes and footnotes for using in-text citations. Whenever information is used from authorizing source, a roman number is placed as a superscript at the end of this information. This number connects information with endnotes or footnotes.

Endnotes are always placed at the end of the project.
Footnotes are present at the bottom of each page.

The format of the Chicago citation for a webpage:

In the bibliography:

Last name, first name, “Title of webpage” Title of website, Month day, year. URL

In the endnotes and footnotes:

First name last name of the author, “Title of the webpage”, title of the website,

Example of the above format:

In the bibliography: 

Root,Aron,“Successstory of Bill Gates”, Success story October 29, 2017.http://www.successstory.com/dg5ftfy

In the endnotes and footnotes:

Root Aron. “Success story of Bill Gates” Success story,